Let’s talk about smile design…

What is smile design?

Smile design is a dental procedure that artfully creates smiles which are harmonious, esthetic and purposeful. Smiles designs can make wonders in order to completely restore your dental health and appearance, no matter what your current teeth are like.

Our smile goes through changes throughout the years due to tooth erosion, nighttime clenching, fractures, fissures, discoloration, or other conditions. These problems can happen gradually and drastically modify our appearance. It is not easy to feel confident when you are not happy with your smile.

Any oral disease found during an evaluation must be treated before beginning de smile design procedure.


Common procedures

Some smile designs simply require a porcelain veneer. Other procedures will need a combination of veneers and porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are chosen when teeth have lost an important part of their structure, for instance, teeth that have gone through endodontic treatment because of major cavities or perhaps because of complex restorations that include deterioration.

According to the design plan, a gum lift procedure (gingivoplasty or gingival plasty) can be suggested in cases where the shape and size of gums is altered or if they are uneven when the patient smiles.


Can smokers get a smile design?

Smokers can get a smile design if it is needed. However, tabaco is a contraindication in the esthetics because of the discoloration it produces on the teeth but not on the porcelain veneers. In addition, this factor predisposes periodontal diseases.

Smoking can also impede teeth from getting the desired coloration. Likewise, there is a rise in the rates of unsuccessful implants since smoking can determine the failure of osseointegration.


The perfect candidate for a smile design is someone who:

  • Wants to look younger. A smile design can take years off of you.
  • Wants to feel more confident when they smile.
  • Worries about their appearance and wants to invest in their dental health.
  • Wants to restore the shape of their teeth and to improve dental health with high esthetics, functionality and harmony while keeping dental structures.

Would you like to smile comfortably? We encourage you to visit us and learn about how you could show off your smile…

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