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At our Dental Clinic in San José, we not only work with all of the procedures related to dental health but we are also up-to-date on new techniques and technology

Dental Hygiene and prevention

Whether an adult or a child, we help you to always have healthy teeth and gums (and also to avoid future problems).

The smile
you want

The complete procedure that you need for beautiful teeth and a confident smile.

Dental health and implants

Be it one tooth or several teeth, you will be able to eat again without the fear of a moving tooth or having to worry about hiding your smile.

Do you want to get your smile back but don’t know what you need?

In this initial appointment we will give you an Xray and get a number of different photos of your mouth so that the Doctor can give you an exact diagnosis of what you need. Then, we will explain which are the priorities and which would be the work that needs to be done. Do not hesitate on asking questions. We love to answer all of your doubts.

This is how we have helped some of our patients

This is the story of
Pablo Morales

This is the story of
Javier Mayorga

This is the story of
Iría Vindas

This is the story of
Andrea Montero

This is the story of
María Fernanda

This is the story of
Víctor Rodríguez

Who is behind Oris Digital Dentistry?


Hello, we are Dr. Franklin Mora S. and Dr. Erick Díaz Campos.

We are both passionate for dentistry because for us there isn’t anything more beautiful than seeing someone happy with their smile.

We know that choosing a dentist is not easy because it means entrusting our health to someone else. That is why we always work to the maximum and offer the best experience in all areas.

It is not just about offering the best procedure, which to us is the least we can do. We also want to give you comfort and to make you feel at ease.

We don’t want you to choose us just for today. We want you to choose us always.

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We must be doing something right when clients bring in their family members, too.

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Do not wait any longer and trust your smile again.

We know that going to the dentist is difficult because it is scary. However, know that we watch over every single detail in order for you to feel comfortable (and of course, procedures do not actually harm.)

If you are not sure, the best option is for you to make an appointment for an evaluation. In this way, you will see how we work, see our clinic and walk away with an exact diagnosis of your dental health.

Where are we?

Our Dental Clinic is located in the prestigious Clínica Biblica Hospital in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

Email: info@oriscr.com

‭Telephone: +506 4702-9010

‭WhatsApp: +506 8583 5336