Cosmetic Dentistry Service
Enjoy a beautiful smile
and look younger

We offer you an initial evaluation of your smile so that we can guarantee
the best results health wise and esthetically

Ask for an evaluation and get your smile back

Cosmetic Dentistry Service
Enjoy a beautiful smile
and look youngern

We offer you an initial evaluation of your smile so that we can guarantee
the best results health wise and esthetically.

Ask for an evaluation and get your smile back
5 year warranty
Over 15 years of experience
Hundreds of renovated smiles

Did you know that teeth not just make your smile more beautiful but also the entire face is enhanced?

Besides the fact that teeth are very important for our health and for your quality of life as they allow us to chew our food well, teeth play a part in our appearance and self-esteem because they:
This is why, if you leave the procedures in the hands of professionals, you are guaranteed a positive experience and will get the expected results. It is not just about gaining back our confidence but also about preventing future health problems.

ORIS Clinic | Smile design service in Costa Rica

Comprehensive treatments with CAD CAM technology and 5-year warranty

In our Dental Clinic in San Jose, we not only do all of the procedures related to dental health, but we also are up-to-date on all of the latest techniques and technological innovations.

In fact, one of our most important specialties is cosmetic dentistry or smile design.

Smile design is one of the procedures that we offer patients depending on specific needs. This procedure is minimally invasive and pain free thanks to the technology we use.

The final goal: a beautiful smile for your face.


We begin with an initial evaluation.

With this evaluation we can see the bite, the position of the teeth and give you the best advice to improve your health and the appearance of your smile.

Individual plan

Not all mouths are the same. The same happens with faces.

We design a plan that will allow us to perfect your smile in harmony with your face so that the result is beautiful and natural.

Follow ups

Before, during and after the procedure we will be answering all of your doubts and be attentive to your needs.

You will feel right at home

The most important thing for us is treating our patients humanely and to make them feel comfortable in our clinic.

We have ergonomic chairs, illustrations on the ceiling and we give you can choose the music you like the most.

“Oris gave me back my smile”

Maria Fernanda always remembers that, as a child, a classmate once said to her:

“You are very pretty but I don’t like your teeth.”

Ever since I was a young child not having perfect teeth meant that I had to smile uncomfortably. This was a major trauma for a young girl to have during a big part of her life.

After visiting several specialists who told her that the process was a long one, she met Dr Franking Mora from Oris, who presented her with a simple solution according to her case. So, she made the decision that change a lot the way she interacts with others.

Maria Fernanda gained back her confidence thanks to her smile design.

Now she loves smiling.

Dentsply Girona- German Technology

We use Cad Cam to have a clear image of the mouth. This helps us in the design and manufacturing of each dental piece which we do ourselves.

From the start you will have a precise evaluation and see the results you will get. This is possible thanks to the computerized tomography and to the making of 2D and 3D digital models.

At our clinic we have all of the technology and equipment needed to do so. In this way there is a less of a waiting period.

Hello! We are Dr. Franklin Mora S. and Dr. Erick Díaz Campos.

We are both passionate for dentistry because for us there isn’t anything more beautiful than seeing someone happy with their smile. We know that choosing a dentist is not easy because it means entrusting our health to someone else. That is why we always work to the maximum and offer the best experience in all areas. It is not just about offering the best procedure, which to us is the least we can do. We also want to give you comfort and to make you feel at ease. We don’t want you to choose us just for today. We want you to choose us always.

We don’t want you to choose us just for today. We want you to choose us always.

Our Dental Clinic is part of the prestigious Clínica Biblica Hospital.

How does the smile design service work?

First encounter

First of all, our assistant will call you in order to set an onsite appointment.

In this way you can come to the clinic and meet us when it is most convenient for you.


On the day of your first appointment, we will check your mouth and offer you a treatment plan without any commitment.

We will then explain which are the best solutions according to your budget and we will answer any doubt. In this way, you will have a clear picture in order to make a free and informed decision.

If you decide to follow through with the treatment, we will make digital impressions to create precise models and visualize the end result. Finally, we will schedule an appointment to begin the procedure


Each smile design is different. Each patient is unique and special. That is why the duration and procedure itself varies from person to person.

Follow up and check-ups

Every patient at Oris will have a follow up and check-up according to their procedures. We are happy to say that, according to testimonials, the way we care for our patients is one of our strengths. (You can view the testimonials below.)

What our patients have to say about their experience

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Do you have any questions about our service? Find some answers here:

I am afraid of going to the dentist. Will the implant procedure hurt?

Many of our patients arrive to our clinic thinking that the implant procedure is complicated and painful.

Then, all of them agree that they didn’t even feel anything.

For this, we use the most advanced dentistry German technology which allows us to do procedures as needed and in the least invasive way possible, in one visit, and pain free.

Besides, we use conventional local anesthesia as necessary.

On the other hand, we will give you the needed medicine in order to reduce possible swelling. Therefore, you will be able to carry out your daily routine and rest at night.

Do you make veneers?

Of course. In fact, thanks to our technology we are one of the few clinics that manufacture our own veneers.

Are all smile designs the same?

No because it depends on patient needs and wants. In this case, we have the technology necessary that allows the patient to visualize what the end result will look like.

What should I do if I am not sure about what I want to get done?

The first step would be an evaluation. You will get the necessary support from our staff for your individual needs.

Do you also want to have a beautiful and confident smile?

Invest in yourself with a professional smile design

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