Enjoy a strong and healthy smile

We give you an initial evaluation of your mouth in order to ensure
the best results in terms of health, functionality, and esthetics.

Ask for an evaluation and get your smile back

Enjoy a strong and healthy smile

We give you an initial evaluation of your mouth in order to ensure
the best results in terms of health, functionality, and esthetics.

Ask for an evaluation and get your smile back
5 year warranty of implants
Over 15 years of experience
More than 5 000 implants completed

Laugh out loud or eat without fear like you used to

We are not just talking about having a missing tooth.

We are talking about quality of life. We are talking about living calmly and going out to dinner with friends without worrying about what will happen or thinking about having to cover your smile.

It is also a matter of health because not replacing a tooth can lead to other complications such as:

An implant not only helps to get back a confident smile but it also helps prevent future health problems.

ORIS Clinic / Implantology Services in San José

Comprehensive care with CAD CAM and a 5 year warrantee

In our Dental Clinic in San Jose, we not only do all of the procedures related to dental health, but we are also up-to-date on all of the latest techniques and technological innovations.

In fact, one of our greatest specialties is implants; a painless and quick procedure.

The placement of implants is a surgical procedure that is carried out in one session at our offices. It is minimally invasive and painless thanks to the technology we use.


We begin with an initial evaluation.

With this evaluation we can see the bite, the position of the teeth and give you the best advice to improve your health and the appearance of your smile.

5 year Warranty

You will have a 5 year warranty once the implant procedure is completed (You must attend follow up appointments and cleanings.)

Esta garantía le da la seguridad de que podrá reponer las piezas en caso de rotura o pérdida.

Follow ups

Before, during and after the procedure we will be answering all of your doubts or aware of any need you might have.

One follow-up session is included two weeks after the procedure and afterwards one every six months.

You will feel right at home

For us the most important thing is treating our patients humanely and that they feel comfortable in our clinic.

We have ergonomic chairs, illustrations on the ceiling and we give you can choose the music you like the most.

“Implants are the best investment I have made in my life.”

This is what Melida, one of our patients, told us after completing implant treatment.

At 63 years old, she had thought many times what it would be like to confidently laugh again or what it would be like to eat whatever she’d like without the difficulty of chewing.

Besides adding feelings of insecurity, not having one or more teeth generates a series of problems to dental health and to the digestive system.

That is why the implant procedure that Melida went through not just fixed her entire mouth and chewing problems but it also changed her whole look.

She looked like a new person.

A happy, smiling and cheerful person. With the desire to take on the world.

Dentsply Girona- German Technology

We use Cad Cam to have a clear image of the mouth. This helps us in the design and manufacturing of each dental piece which we do ourselves.

From the start you will have a precise evaluation and see the results you will get. This is possible thanks to the computerized tomography and to the making of 2D and 3D digital models.

At our clinic we have all of the technology and equipment needed to do so. In this way there is a less waiting period.

Hello! We are Dr. Franklin Mora S. and Dr. Erick Díaz Campos

We are both passionate for dentistry because for us there isn’t anything more beautiful than seeing someone happy with their smile.

We know that choosing a dentist is not easy because it means entrusting our health to someone else. That is why we always work to the maximum and offer the best experience in all areas.

It is not just about offering the best procedure, which to us is the least we can do. We also want to give you comfort and to make you feel at ease.

We don’t want you to choose us just for today. We want you to choose us always.

Our Dental Clinic is part of the prestigious Clínica Biblica Hospital

How does the service work?

First encounter

First of all, our assistant will call you in order to set an onsite appointment.

In this way you can come to the clinic and meet us when it is most convenient for you.


On the day of your first appointment, we will check your mouth and offer you a treatment plan without any commitment.

We will first do a tomography that can allow us to see what the human eye cannot. Then, we will take enlarged intraoral photographs to better see the damage. We will also take professional photographs with which we will analyze your smile and the improvements that can be made.

Afterwards, we will explain which are the best solutions according to your budget and we will answer any doubt. In this way, you will have a clear picture in order to be able to make a free and informed decision.

If you decide to follow through with the treatment, we will make digital impressions to create precise models and visualize the end result. Finally, we will schedule an appointment to begin the procedure.

Placement of implants (in just one visit)

The first step is the surgical procedure to put the implant on the jaw bone. In other words, small titanium screws are placed in order to substitute the root of lost teeth.

On that day you are able to go home and carry on with your daily routine. A week after (7 or 8 days), we will place the final prosthetic piece that emulates your natural tooth.

You do not have to worry about feeling any pain because you won’t. We will use local anesthesia (similar to the one used in other regular dental procedures.)

“Will I have to walk around with no tooth as I wait for the final implant?”

This depends on individual situations. Whenever possible a temporary prosthetic piece will be placed.

Placement of crowns

Once the needed implants are set it is time to put the final prosthetic pieces, or crowns.
How long does this process take?

This will depend on the characteristics of the bone. In other words, each patient is unique so we cannot give you a set time.

If the bone is stable, we can place them on the same day or 24 hours later.

If this is not the case, we have to wait for the bone to heal around the titanium screw before placing the zirconium crowns.

For your reference, consider that in average they are placed after 8 days. (Do not forget that each patient is unique).

Nevertheless, remember that a temporary prosthetic piece will be placed if possible.

Follow up check ups

The day after the implant procedure, we will call you to verify how you spent the night and to see how you are feeling.

We will have a check-up appointment approximately a week or two after the procedure to verify that all is perfect.

Lastly, we will call you every 6 months for follow ups and frequent maintenance.

What our patients have to say about their experience

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Do you have any questions about our service? We give you the answers here

I am afraid of going to the dentist. Will the implant procedure hurt?

Many of our patients arrive to our clinic thinking that the implant procedure is complicated and painful.

Then, all of them agree that they didn’t even feel anything.

For this, we use the most advanced dentistry German technology which allows us to place the implants in the least invasive way possible, in one visit, and pain free.

Besides, we use conventional local anesthesia. That is to say, the same one we used in other procedures like fillings, endodontics, etc.

On the other hand, after the placement of implants, we will give you the needed medicine in order to reduce possible swelling. Therefore, you will be able to carry out your daily routine and rest at night.

I lost a tooth a while back. What if I don’t have enough bone?

Not to worry. There is a solution.

In this case, we use reconstructive surgical techniques with biomaterials that allow us to rebuild the bone without having to use bone grafts. This means that there is much less post-surgical discomfort and a much better recovery process.

However, the most important thing is to come to the clinic as soon as possible. This is because once a tooth is lost:

  • The rest of the teeth tend to move and altering the bite and allowing infections and discomforts to show up.
  • • Even worse is that the bone and the gums recede slowly to that point that it is not possible to regain them if too much time has gone by

Despite the fact that we are specialist in handling very complex cases and in bone regeneration, if it is completely lost, there isn’t anything we can do.

That is why it is essential to give your mouth a priority.

What is the lifespan of implants?

Implants are a set and final solution. Once they are placed, they can last a life time.

They actually require the same care as your natural teeth.

Therefore, if you want them to look like on the first day proper maintenance, cleaning, and frequent check-ups are needed.

What if I am missing many teeth? How many implants do I need?

This depends on each individual case.

To answer this question, first it is necessary to evaluate each particular case. This is the only way in which we can let you know for sure of the possible solutions and on the number of needed implants in order for your mouth to be healthy again.

As a rule, in the back (molars), normally the number of implants correspond to the same number of lost teeth.

In the anterior section of the moth (premolars, canines and incisive) we can substitute up to four teeth with two implants.

In this way, in the case of the loss of all teeth, we can rehabilitate all teeth with 6 implants in the mandible and 8 implants in the upper maxilla.

What happens if the implant breaks or falls?

There is no problem.

Implants have a 5 year warranty that include replacements in case of breaking or loss (it applies if you do in fact attend follow up and maintenance appointments.)

Keep in mind that implants and crowns are both made out of strong materials which are also respectful of your health (titanium and zirconium).

These materials are designed so that they remain intact for a long time either avoiding any problem of any sort or by not reacting to potential harmful elements.

Do I have to follow a special diet?

Thanks to implants you can have a regular daily routine and you are able to eat any food you like.

However, keep in mind that before receiving the final prosthetic piece there are in fact certain solid foods that you will have to avoid so that the correct integration process of the implant onto the bone can take place.

What cares should I need to follow?

Implants are easy to care for.

They simply need the basic cares, however quite important and specially at the beginning because it is the most delicate moment in which the implant healing process is taking place:

  • During the first two months you should not eat hard foods. This does not mean to only eat liquids and soft food. It means you should avoid for some time those types of foods that can cause breakdown during rehabilitation.
  • You must keep proper dental hygiene. For this, we teach you how to brush your teeth and how to wash your prosthetic piece using extra cleaning tools during your normal brushing.

Finally, it is very important the you attend regular check-ups where we can give you a close follow up on the evolution of the process in order to verify that all is well.

What if my mouth rejects the implants?

You do not have to worry about that.

Keep in mind that the materials we use for implants (titanium and zirconium) do not produce any type of allergies, infections nor are they incompatible with your organism.

However, what actually can happen is a poor healing process of the gum in very specific cases and due to factors, such as smoking or poor dental hygiene.

Nevertheless, this happens in a low percentage and the solution is as simple as removing them and place them again at a later time.

Do you also want to have a truly confident smile?

Invest in your health and peace of mind with implants that last a life time

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