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Service and the satisfaction of seeing each patient happy and confident with their smile is the power that moves each one of the professionals that make up the team at Oris. And, just like each patient goes through their own process of keeping up and improving their dental health, Oris has also improved and has grown at its own pace and proudly presents itself as a Dental Clinic with a highly qualified interdisciplinary team.

Oris opened its doors in 2019 with the goal of promoting Dental Health following the philosophy of its founders which, in turn, has also been the shared vision of the specialists that make up Oris Dental Clinic.

Do you want to get your smile back but don’t know what you need?

In this initial appointment we will give you an Xray and get a number of different photos of your mouth so that the Doctor can give you an exact diagnosis of what you need. Then, we will explain which are the priorities and which would be the work that needs to be done. Do not hesitate on asking questions. We love to answer all of your doubts.

Our Team

Dr. Franklin

Thanks to my childhood and to my family I was able to develop my fine motor skills which, years later, would be a great skill for my profession. That is how I learned to appreciate the paths of my life and where I come from.

And, if you ask me, when I was about to enter college, I was not too clear about what I wanted to study. However, if I had to choose again, I would choose to become a dentist.

In my field, I have specialized in esthetic rehabilitation and dental restoration. I graduated 20 years ago and since then I opened my own Dental Clinic in Pursical. This was my first project and it makes me very happy to still be able to help my patients from this community

For me this is not a job, it is a challenge and at the same time a pleasure. Dr. Frankiln

Dr. Erick

I discovered my passion in a statistics college course where I had classmates that were studying dentistry. And, as I saw them working with wax cubes to mold teeth, to me it was like seeing art. Without realizing it, it was very simple for me to do it, too. I had a skill which thanks to a little bit of curiosity helped me to find my passion.

As part of my career, I completed a master’s program in oral surgery and implant dentistry at the University of Barcelona. In Costa Rica, I currently work in oral surgery, implant placement, bone regeneration and implant rehabilitation.

I worked 4 years in Barcelona in private clinics, Adeslas Clinics and here in Costa Rica I have worked at a number of different dental clinics.

For me, odontology is an art and with it I found my passion. Dr. Erick

Dr. Javier Grau

Dr. Grau is the orthodontist specialist who makes up part of the team at Oris. He has a degree of specialization from the University of Quito, Ecuador and has vast experience in the field. He started his own clinic alongside his father who was one of the first orthodontists in Costa Rica.

Dr. Grau has been part of the Oris team for 3 years. His experience, dedication and passion for what he does is what sets his work apart. He is currently in charge of projects related to Invisaling aligners company.

A smile opens many doors. “I owe my success to my smile and the smile to the specialist.” Dr. Javier Grau

This is what our patients say

Adrián Robert

Paola Palacios

Cristobal Bez

Heidi Strunz

Iria Vindas

Pablo Morales

Andrea Montero

Ma. Fernanda Rodríguez


Get to know more about each one of the services offered at Dental Clinic Oris:


It is the branch of dentistry that works with treating bite problems which are closely related to health and esthetics. It is the one in charge of realigning and improving the incorrect position of teeth, which becomes an integral task able to improve patient esthetics beyond the smile.

It is possible to begin the process of corrective orthodontics from an early age from the moment that a faulty growth of the jaw is detected or a position of the pieces is seen to be out of line.

There are several types of orthodontics which are handled at Oris:

The specialist in orthodontics is Dr. Javier Grau with a degree from the University of Quito, Ecuador and who, upon his arrival to Costa Rica, has had his own clinic alongside his father Dr. Jorge Grau, one of the first orthodontists if Costa Rica. Besides this, Oris has the honor of having him as part of our staff for three years now.

Pediatric Dentistry

It is the branch of dentistry in charge of children’s dental care. Its main functions include prevention of ailments and also eliminating the possibility of cavities. This is possible thanks to follow ups throughout the developmental years in order to monitor structures and to ensure that hygienic habits are adequately being followed. This branch is directly tied to an emotional and psychological approach and works with adaptation techniques that allow the support for children who have gone through bad dental care experiences in the past.

Pediatric dentistry includes procedures such as:

Oral Surgery and Implants

Oral surgery is a procedure that is carried out in the dentist’s office most of times. Surgeries are carried out in patients who need to remedy or extract pieces which are causing some type of discomfort or present an oral disease.

Some of the surgeries are:

Implantology is the branch of dentistry in charge of replacing a bad tooth with a dental implant which has a fixed placement that functions as the tooth’s root.

We are equipped with the proper tools and with the professionals who can accompany you through the process of either surgeries and/or implantology in order to ensure the procedure be a success.

Dr. Erick Diaz is the specialist who will take care of you in case you are in need of this service. Without a doubt you will get a better than imagined result. Dr. Diaz has the academic skills but moreover he has the vocation that speaks for itself.

Restorative and esthetic

Restorative and esthetic dentistry has the intention of giving patients the needed support to improve their smile and appearance. Dental restoration and esthetics play an important role in the patient’s appreciation of their smiles and dental care. This service helps them to increase self-esteem and confidence.

There are several procedures in this area of dentistry:

Dr. Franklin, founder of Dental Clinic Oris, is directly in charge of this service. He specialized in this branch and has great experience giving patients outstanding results.


Endodontics is a dental treatment which consists of eliminating the deeper part of a tooth due to it being damaged because of a lesion or infection.

This treatment is used to avoid extraction of a tooth and help it stay healthy so that it can fulfill its role.

With the service of endodontics, we help you with nerve treatments and periodontics. This last one is the branch of dentistry in charge of all that is related to the health of gums.

We must be doing something right when clients bring in their family members, too.

Jorge Leiton’s Family

Carlos Pereira’s Family

Campos Rodrīguez Family

Garbiela Viquez’s Family

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Do not wait any longer and trust your smile again.

We know that going to the dentist is difficult because it is scary. However, know that we watch over every single detail in order for you to feel comfortable (and of course, procedures do not actually harm.)

If you are not sure, the best option is for you to make an appointment for an evaluation. In this way, you will see how we work, see our clinic and walk away with an exact diagnosis of your dental health.

Where are we?

Our Dental Clinic is located in the prestigious Clínica Biblica Hospital in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. .

Email: info@oriscr.com

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